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Acrylic Pet or People Portraits on stretched canvas.


4"x4" $75

5"x7" $100

8"x10" $200

11"x14" $400

10x20"  $600

16"x20" $800

18"24" $1000


The 4"x4" and 5"x7" sizes include up to 2 subjects and the 8"/10" and larger include 1. Additional subjects are $50 each. Please feel free to message me with special requests or groups over 5 for any size.


+$100 to create a unique memorial piece encorporating your loved one's cremated remains into the artwork itself. Message me to discuss details and learn more about the process.


Name, date, short message and/or a simple design like a heart or rainbow is optional and included in the price.


These paintings are meant to capture the character of the subject and not intended to be a perfect rendering.  If you can let me know anything about how you feel or what stands out most about the subject or scene (cozy, happy, whiskers, expressive eyes etc) it will help me express that better.


Timing is dependent on the size and how many subjects included and if there are other orders in process. I will confirm timing and composition with you when you place your order but it's a good rule to plan on about 2-3 weeks to complete from deposit to ready for shipping or pick up.

Painted Portraits

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