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***At this time Color Photorealistic Portraits are only available for Pets***


Color Portraits are mixed media and completed with a combination of colored pencils, charcoal, watercolor, pastel and acrylic paint. Large subject groups over 5 can be done on special request. Please note the 5x7 size can accommodate up to 2 subjects so more than that should be on a bigger paper to maintain the quality of detail.


Sizes available:

5"x7"  $300

8"x10"  $600

11"x14"  $900


+$50 each additional subject. Large subject groups over 5 can be done on special request.


+$150 to create a unique memorial piece encorporating your loved one's cremated remains into the artwork itself. Message me to discuss details and learn more about the process.


Finished pieces are sprayed with a sealant and mounted with a simple white mat and backing.


Timing is dependent on the size and how many subjects included and if there are other orders in process. I will confirm timing with you when you place your order but it's a good rule to plan on about 4 weeks to complete from deposit to ready for shipping or pick up.

PETS- Colored Pencil Photorealistic

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • Subjects should be in good lighting, well focused, detailed and digitally sent. Multiple photos of the subject work best and any input you have is helpful. Your general feel of the area or subject, what your favorite part is, what stands out, and what you prefer to see less of are all things that can help direct me to capture the character of the piece.  It's the little details and feelings of the moment that make it personal. I can also combine images and change the background or scenery as needed.

    I can work with old or damaged pictures upon request however the final piece may not be as detailed depending on the circumstance.

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