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Sketch Style is a simpler composition where details are utilized to capture the character of the subject with a free and loose interpretation throughout the piece.



5"x7" $150

8"x10" $250

11"x14" $350



5"x7"  $200

8"x10"  $300

11"x14"  $400


+$25 each additional subject.


Large subject groups over 5 can be done on special request. Please note the 5x7 size can accommodate up to 2 subjects so more than that should be on a bigger paper to maintain the quality of detail.


Timing is dependent on the size and how many subjects included and if there are other orders in process. I will confirm timing with you at the time of order but it's a good rule to plan on about 1-2 weeks to complete from deposit to ready for shipping.

SKETCH Portraits

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • Subjects should be in good lighting, well focused, detailed and digitally sent. Multiple photos of the subject as well as any input you have on what is unique about the general feel of the area or what your favorite thing about the subject is also helpful so I can do my best to capture the character of the subject and little details that comprise the feeling of the moment. I can combine images and change the background or scenery as needed as well.

    I like to get your input on the piece as I am creating it to make sure it is going in the direction you want. Modifications can be made during the beginning or sketching stage however anything after the composition is agreed on is difficult because where shadows start to darken or details begin to develop it is difficult to change.

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